HEP Portugal 2009 will run

Look what beautiful seashells!
(Recording four and five)
Image: 04.05.2008 15:43, Stockholm Highway, Sweden
Voice: 03.05.2008 18:03, Möja Island, Sweden
Hakan Akcura, Stockholm, 2008

HEP Portugal at the Jose Malhoa Musem will run from 20 to 25 of October 2009.

Human Emotion Project – International Video Art at the José Malhoa Museum

Human Emotion Video Installation:
20 October to 25 de October 2009
10h00 – 12h30 | 14h00 – 17h00

Presentation | Vídeo Projection:
22 October 2009
21h00h – 24h00

A group of creative authors from the most varied geographical and cultural ground outfitted with the infinite possibility of video art express the complex strength that identifies us as human beings: the emotions.

Provided by the exquisite extensive video collection of the Human Emotion Project, founded and directed by the South African artist Alison Williams, a roll of forty works selected by the Portuguese commissioner of the HEP group will compose an eclectic audiovisual program to be held at the José Malhoa Museum from 20 to 25th October, with a special gathering in the evening of 22nd of October of 2009.

The evening session of 22nd October will be lighten by the accredited Art Professor and Filmmaker Fernando Galrito as guest speaker and also by the inclusion in the screening program of student works from of the High School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha (ESAD.CR) that this way are associated to the event.

The presentation evening hosted by the José Malhoa Museum of the Museums and Conservation Institute (MJM-IMC.IP), in partnership with the Human Emotion Project (HEP) and the High School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha (IPL-ESAD.CR) will take place at 21h00h and will be extended up to the 24h00.

During the entire schedule of the Human Emotions Video Art event (from 20 to 25 October) all works selected (HEP and ESAD.CR) will be rolling in the Multimedia Room in a rotational format at the opening hours of the museum

Alberto Guerreiro
Curator - HEP Portugal

Selection for HEP Portugal at the Malhoa Museum -
40 works, one week show and three exhibition rooms.

Alison Williams (RSA) – Interview: 5:50
Hakan Akçura (TUR/SWE) – Look! What Beautiful Seashells: 15:43
Kyle van Osdol (EUA) – Room Mates: 2:29
Ulf Kristiansen (NOR) – The Tiger and the Lamb: 2:30
Gérman Britch (ARG) – Disturbing Memories 2: 17
Alicia Felberbaum (ARG/RU) – There and Back: 2:57
Michael Chang (DIN) – Concerto Azzuro: 6:14
Karina Smigla-Bobinski (SUI) – Routes: 4:47
Michael Douglas Hawk (EUA) – Bubble Girl: 2:14
Danny Germansen (DIN) - Alienation and Loneliness: 01:59
Dave Swensen (EUA) – Laughter is the Best Medicine: 7: 01
Richard Jochum (AL/EUA) - Home Sweet Home: 1:37
John Benneth (DIN) – The Tube: 2:27
Daniel Chavez (EUA) – Private Camera: 1:54
Ektoras Binikos (GRE) – Narcissus: 2:26
Natalie Johanna Halla (ESP) - I dreamed about your life: 3:28
Gaia Bartolini (ITA) – Unseen Dialogue: 2: 34
Luca Curci (ITA) / Fabiana Roscioli (ITA) – Impossible Garden: 6:06
Manfred Marburger (UK) – Proud: 2:13
Masha Yozefpolsky (ISR) – Deep Freeze: 7:44
Anders Weberg (SWE) / Alison Williams (RSA) – Mirror/Mirror: 0:44
Michal Brzezinski (PT) – Drzewa: 4:49
Amina Bech (NOR) - Tranquility Inverted: 3:40
José Drummond (POR) – The Illusionist: 2:20
Christy Walsh (EUA) - Future is a White Sky: 1:00
Robertina Sebjanic (ESL) & Nika Autor (ESL) – Niro: 2:21
Verena Stenke (AL) & Andrea Pagnes (ITA) – Colonize: 4:08
Tim White Sobieski (EUA) – Closer to Fall: 4:10
Debbie Douez (ES/CAN) – Two in One: 3:18
Adamo Macri (CAN) – OOC: 5:54
Irina Gabiani (GEO) – The Slaves of the System: 3:56
Ice trip (MEX) – Craquellure: 3:39
Alberto Guerreiro (PT) – RE. Absent: 2:30
Behjat Omer (RU) – 1-6 Frames: 4:12
William Esdale (RU) – Somatic Identity: 5:10
Joas Nebe (AL) - Milky Way: 3:22
Bill Millet (RU) – Memory Capsule: 5:30
Niclas Hallberg (SWE) / Stina Phersdotter (SWE) – Inner Departure: 3:34
Vienne Chan (CHI/CAN) – Night Dance: 5:53
José Luis Pajares (ES) – Lunas: 3:17

HEP Portugal 20 - 25 October 2009
Place: Jose Malhoa Museum (State Museum)
Facilities: Temporary exhibition and Multimedia room
Location: Caldas-da-Rainha

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