“Euro-Med Journalist Prize for Cultural Dialogue” to Vercihan Ziflioglu and her article about my open call/art event, “Love at the Hatred Tunnel”

Among journalists from 37 countries, TDN’s (Turkish Daily News) Vercihan Ziflioğlu won the “Euro-Med Journalist Prize for Cultural Dialogue” with four articles. The award is given annually to four journalists from European and Mediterranean countries

Journalist, poet and author Vercihan Ziflioğlu, a reporter for the Turkish Daily News, was yesterday awarded the “Euro-Med Journalist Prize for Cultural Dialogue” organized by the Swedish Institute and supported by the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation.

Ziflioğlu, 33, who joined the TDN from the daily Hürriyet last January, competed with journalists from 37 countries and was honored for four articles appearing in the TDN this year. Her winning reports included “Artist Without Borders Between Yerevan and Istanbul,” “Love at the Hatred Tunnel” and “Turkey's ‘Ebru' Through the Eyes of Atilla Durak.”

“I feel this is less an award for me and that it is an award to all at the TDN,” Ziflioglu said at an impromptu newsroom ceremony. “It is an award for cultural dialogue which is what the TDN is all about and I owe this honor to my colleagues who have been trusting, supporting and understanding.”


Turkish Daily News (Detaily news about prize)

Ziflioglu's article-interview with me: “Love at the Hatred Tunnel”

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