"Catharsis" on HEP Iran screening

Sazmanab Project gallery in Tehran, Iran proudly presents HEP Iran 2010 in September
Curated by Sohrab M. Kashani and Alison Williams.
Iran 2010 HEP - curatorial Alison Williams

Exhibition: Mohsen Art Gallery
Human Emotion Project (22 International Artists)

No. 42, East Mina Blvd Farzan Street, Nadji Street, Zafar, Tehran, Iran
September 7, 2010 (6:30 - 9:00pm)

1.Michael Douglas Hawk and Lizet Benrey “secret place” Germany/Mexico

2.Glenn Church “I is another” USA

3.48073 “09066 silence” Netherlands
4.Michael Chang “on silence” Denmark
5.Behjat Omer “whistle conversation miran & celine” UK/Kurdistan

6.Anders Weberg “Je Suis Père et mon Père est Père” Sweden
7.Niclas Hallberg “american dream” Sweden
8.Manfred Marburger “proud” UK
9.Mads Lungdahl “the source” Denmark

10.Edwin Stolk “turbulence” Netherlands

11.Amina Bech “tranquility” Norway

12.Alberto Guerreiro “LIQUID FORCE” Portugal

13.Elena Skoko “miss cencetti waiting” Italy

14.Hakan Akçura “Catharsis” Turkey/Sweden

15.Anthony Elliot “get a job nbr 2" UK

16.Jerry King Musser “reluctant angels” USA

17.Bill Millett “fragmented amygdala“ UK

18.Danny Germansen “wish” Denmark

19.German Britch “garbage face” Argentina

20.Ulf Kristiansen “the hope of enduring long” Norway

21.Neil Howe "when I grow up" Australia

22. Adamo Macri "ooc" Canada

Catharsis (Recording one)
May 2008

Gamla Stan is the center area of Stockholm. Oldest and more touristic zone of the city.
Other side of the Gamla Stan subway station is seeing inland sea, have a nice panorama but trashy...
When I recorded some scenes at this area a few young men which were high came up to me and wanted to do "rap" in front of my camera. I said: "Okay!" and recorded them. I was only a recorder and a witness.

All big cities in Europe need this kind of purifications. Immigrants could help. I’m sure.

This video is first of the works among my new video-creation line "Recording". I have made serial videos with my identity of only being recorder and maker in this line.

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