"Catharsis" on Art Beijing

4.29 - 5.2 2010 VIP PREVIEW : April 29(6pm - 10pm) China Agricultural Exhibition Center

“Artists Cinema” is becoming a more and more popular concept nowadays with the prospering video art. “Artists Cinema” is the first photo-video art fair in Asia.


ET-AC Yi Xiang ET-AC
Centre for Visual Studies Peking University
2010 Chinese Screenage Art Exhibition
Chinese Screenage Art Forum
Art For All Society
Arario Beijing

Dave Swensen, Nicole Rademacher, Khairy Hirzalla, Hakan Akçura, Larry Caveney, Kim Miller, Vienne Chan, Basmati, Irina Gabiani, Xenia Vargova, Ng Fong Chao, Noah, Chan Ka Keong, Chu Chun-Teng, Gaia Bartolini, Daniel Chavez, Michael Douglas Hawk, Richard Jochum, Alison Williams, Debbie Douez, Manfred Marburger, Gili, Avissar, José Drummond, Masha Yozefpolsky, Bianca Lei, Li Xiaosong, Nicolas Provost, Amina Bech, Bill Millett, Anders Weberg, Glenn Church, Christy Walsh, Alberto Guerreiro, Alicia Felberbaum, Sue Pam-grant, Danny Germansen, Li Mu, (Alice Kok), Adamo Macri, Ebert Brothers, Verena Stenke / Andrea Pagnes, Robertina Sebjanic, Niclas Hallberg, Michael Chang, Paolo Bonfiglio, João Ricardo, (Cindy Ng), Peng Yun, Miao Xiaochun, Zhang Xiaotao, Bai Chongmin, Ma Yongfeng, Wu Weihe, Pu HUa, Wu Junyong, Chen Xuegang, Ye Dan, Sun Lei, Lei Lei, Liu Qianyi, Sui Jianguo. Liu Xuguang, Zhang Meng , Gao Fuyan, ShengJie, Huang Yang, Wu Qiuyan, 一Chen Zhuo+ Huang Keyi, Tan Qi, Ding Xin, Shang Liang , Feng Jiangzhou, Zhuo Fan, Lin Jingjing, Wang Dongsheng, Zhang Haitao, Li Ning, Tian Miaozi, Yu Fei , Zhang Minjie, Li Ming, Chen Zhou, Liu Shiyuan, Zhang Mengqi, Huang Linfei, Sun Nan, Ye Yuanyuan, Xia Peng, Zhang Yi, Yu Siming, Huang Rongzheng, Li Long, Chen Wei, Chen Xi, Ren Lun, Wen Qiang

Catharsis (Recording one)
May 2008

Gamla Stan is the center area of Stockholm. Oldest and more touristic zone of the city.
Other side of the Gamla Stan subway station is seeing inland sea, have a nice panorama but trashy...
When I recorded some scenes at this area a few young men which were high came up to me and wanted to do "rap" in front of my camera. I said: "Okay!" and recorded them. I was only a recorder and a witness.

All big cities in Europe need this kind of purifications. Immigrants could help. I’m sure.

This video is first of the works among my new video-creation line "Recording". I have made serial videos with my identity of only being recorder and maker in this line.

About Art Beijing

After the success of the first Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair in 2006, Art Beijing’s community of collectors, curators, critics and gallery owners asked for a similar exhibition that would focus on classical and modern fine art. Art Beijing, therefore, launched its first Art Beijing Fine Art Fair in 2009, garnering tremendous response from various corners of the art industry and helping revitalize a temporarily depressed art market at the same time. In shifting the focus to these classical and modern fine art works, Art Beijing engaged a wider public and brought new confidence to the collecting community.

The launch of Fine Art Beijing in 2009 marked the beginning of Art Beijing’s third major art fair series, preceded by Photo Beijing in 2008 and the Art Beijing Contemporary Art Fair in 2006. The Art Beijing Executive Committee’s step-by-step approach, commitment to art education and confidence in the growth of the art market in China impressed collectors, audiences and participants at every stage of its development. Art Beijing will continue to hold its successful Contemporary Art Fair and Photo Beijing each spring, followed by Fine Art Beijing in the autumn.

In 2009, Art Beijing also co-hosted a number of peripheral activities and exhibitions, such as the “Thread of Time” exhibition by Fang Lijun in Guangzhou Museum of Art. Other Art Beijing activities included its strategic cooperation with Art Changsha, the co-hosting of the Huabin Global Collection Forum and the opening ceremony for the Yintai Salon. At the same time, Art Beijing continues to promote dialogue between artistic and commercial communities, building strong partnerships with top international brands such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Hermès, and Samsung. Through its commitment to the greater art community in China, Art Beijing’s influence continues to grow.

In 2010, Art Beijing enters its fifth year and has already begun preparations for its Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair. Strong early registration for the exhibition and positive word of mouth indicates that the art market has turned a corner after last year’s financial crisis. While Art Beijing 2010 again promotes the idea of an integrated Asia and cultivates dialogue in the Asia’s art industry, the exhibition also looks beyond Asia and engages galleries and collectors throughout the world. Art Beijing 2010 has established long-term partnerships with organizations as far away as the Puerto Rican Contemporary Art Fair and continues to work with galleries, collectors and brands across the globe. Partnership and dialogue with the larger international art community is integral to both the development of art in China and to the growth of Art Beijing.

The Art Beijing 2010 Contemporary Art Fair will again be held alongside Photo Beijing, continuing its “Greenhouse Plan” and offering a 50 percent reduction in booth fees for galleries that also participate in Photo Beijing. Art Beijing 2010 gives special support to the development of art photography, its collecting community and its rapidly developing market in Asia.

Art Beijing 2010 exhibits at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing April 29 to May 2. With its full commitment to supporting growth in Asia’s art and collecting industries, Art Beijing sincerely invites galleries, collectors, artists, brands and businesses to participate and support. Working together, we can further the development of Asia’s art industry and take Art Beijing to new heights.

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