Tornavideo (Screwdriver + Video = Screwdrivideo): The world, art and Ankara are changing


World is changing...

Art is changing

So is Ankara...

Thanks to globalization, technology, informatics and the internet, we are close to every corner of the world through just a “click”. The borders are disappearing and the area is expanding. Apart from the artistic dimension of this situation, when we turn back to our life, it is not that easy and colourful in fact, especially for the ones living in big cities and metropolises. We waste our time running from one place to another because of some reasons such as work, school, shopping, social activities and so forth. In addition to affecting our life style, the conditions of this era and its heady speed naturally affect the scope of the current art and its application techniques as well.

The fact that technology, informatics and the Internet is constantly renewing and getting more widespread has also affected the techniques used in art. Thus, multimedia’ has become apparent in the production of art. Art works produced by using computer programmes like Photoshop, digital press on canvas or on different materials, digital pictures, e-mail, video and audio recordings, advertisement ( display poster, billboard, TV, etc.) are among the most widely used practice and presentation techniques. Besides, an interactive expansion via technology and the Internet has had a place in art practices. The aim is to make the audience actively participate in the process of art production by using internet or sometimes by live performances or such activities. By this way, the borders between artists and the audience will be replaced by interaction.

Different from the traditional understanding, presentation and exhibition are not restricted to the galleries any more. All indoor buildings and also outer space like streets, in other words every place which belongs to the public space, is now used for exhibition. This is because in the 21st century, most of us have neither time to spend years in front of a canvas for a painting, nor time to go to a gallery and see an exhibition

Due to the reasons discussed in detail so far, bars/ cafes and such places are among the most convenient places for exhibitions. Among these places, the most convenient one is undoubtedly the “Tamirhane (repair-shop)”. (We are getting tired at school, at work, on streets, we are getting exhausted. Each of us is like a machine; we need a repair-shop/ TAMİRHANE). As for the Tamirhane, it needs an activity that will expand its horizon. It needs – ‘TORNAVIDEO’.

With the Tornavideo activity, it is aimed to bring every sector together whether they are interested in art or not by attracting attention to the video art which is the focus of the contemporary art and also to the exhibitions in public space. By doing this, it is targeted that contemporary art practices will become more popularized and contribute to contemporary art practisers by creating an alternative space to exhibit their work. Besides, our all expectation is to get rid of the prostration by bringing a new insight into art practices in Ankara.

The Curators of the Tornavideo Activity

* TORNAVIDEO : Screwdriver + Video = SCREWDRIVIDEO

Artists: Ferhat Özgür, Gözel Radyo, Hakan Akçura, Maria Sezer, Nezaket Ekici, Ozan Adam and Şinasi Güneş

TORNAVIDEO Video-Art Activity, 15-22 January 2010

Place: Tamirhane, Tunalı Hilmi Cad. Bestekar Sk. 49/A Kavaklıdere-Ankara
Tel: +903124662142

Two "recording videos" of Hakan Akçura in this activity: "Catharsis" and "Rush Hour"

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