Mr. President let me challenge you to face his (2)

Youtube's double standart

Youtube rejected my artwork.

On the other hand, this artwork was yesterday nights 20th most viewed video in "art and animation" category at Youtube.

And you can find very easily from Youtube now an original video that is include Saddam's body in morgue. I transformed it, re-edited it, and changed Saddam's head to Bush's only in my artwork. Youtube publishing that original unbelievable video still and rejected mine.

It is very conspicuous
double standart.

I'll try to upload my work to an other upload sides and embed here again.

I could upload my work to the video art portal Perpetual Art Machine.
You can view for now:

Mr. President let me challenge you to face his (2)
(A suggestion of nightmare for G. W. Bush)

Neo-fluxus art interference

Transformed an other anonymous mobil phone record of Saddam's execution

Caution: This artistic movie include unacceptable violence scenes.

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