My hero from 9/11

My hero from 9/11

Titel/Başlık: "My hero from 9/11"
Tillkomstår/Yapım yılı/Date: 2005
Teknik/Technic: Acrylic on canvas / Tuval üzerine akrilik
Storlek/Boyut/Size: 152x175 cm.

Photo: Richard Drew

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Jane Walker said...

Brave. At one time I was obsessed with these images - especially those who held hands and jumped together... they came into my paintings and a poem-commentary on a painting. How can we imagine how powerfully counter- intuitive the forced violence against the self - a suicide born of horror. These are the images that will never leave us. As for your video today I appreciate you but forgive me I am not brave enough to watch it. Jane